Quantum Management Group, Inc.

Because environmental, health, and safety (EHS) decisions are business decisions.

Quantum Management Group, Inc. is a results–oriented, entrepreneurial team providing project management services to help its clients achieve their environmental, health, and safety management goals and minimize long term liability.

Quantum is not a typical consulting firm, because Quantum's principals have spent the majority of their careers effectively managing EHS programs and projects as employees of Fortune 500 companies. This experience allows Quantum to provide an Owner’s perspective in dealing with the issues that are important to your business.

Quantum can provide effective solutions that improve your bottom line.

Environmental projects demand long term focus and regular examination of strategies and goals. Only by establishing the trust of all participants, periodically reevaluating goals and objectives, providing early problem detection, and building positive stakeholder relationships, can potential adverse impacts be minimized.
Quantum believes that a company must value EHS as a core business objective in order to achieve superior results. Our services can enhance a company’s EHS goals by supporting program development and implementation, supplementing in house staff or providing consultation on existing programs.
We provide objective–driven solutions to Decommissioning and Demolition Management projects. Our clients rely on us to manage the entire process of demolition in a manner that minimizes cost, maximizes asset return, limits liability, and maintains regulatory compliance.
Quantum puts a significant focus on safety, regulatory and contract compliance throughout all phases of construction projects. Decisions and behavior surrounding safety, financial accountability, project direction and environmental compliance are made from the perspective of what is best for our clients, considering their culture and priorities.
Our Information Solutions (IS) team knows more than technology and database management. The Team has first-hand knowledge of business processes and industry issues, which sets it apart from typical IT departments.

Quantum celebrates 20 years!

Quantum was founded in 1994. In January, Quantum celebrated our 20th Anniversary with our clients and friends at Maloney & Porecelli in New York City.

Project Highlight: Website and database for global scorecard

Quantum is working with a large oil and gas company to provide a global solution for tracking consultant performance on retail, distribution, and other project portfolios. Currently, it takes several days each reporting period to consolidate spreadsheet information and prepare reports for up to 40 consultants and 1,500 sites. After reviewing the process, Quantum identified two major “pain points”. We created a website and database to address the “pain points” that will reduce the consultant’s time to input data and also reduce our client’s time to consolidate and generate reports (approximately several hundred hours/year).